Here is what some of our clients have to say about us!

Thank you Spectrumdigitals for all your hard work. I am always impressed by the service and the quality of the work that you do for me, especially when I send you tricky images of chandeliers! You’re all-stars.
Olivia Watson
Since we started working together all those years ago, I have progressed as a photographer and gained high end clients from all over the world. I am so pleased that Spectrum has been such a big part of this journey. Gradually the requirements of the retouching have become more and more advanced, and you have stepped up to the task to take this on. You have truly done a fantastic job, adding value and impressed our clients. This is how we learn together and with time become experts. Very happy to be on this journey with you all. I look forward to arranging another trip to India soon, so we can meet again.
Eric Johnson
Project Manager
Thank you so much to the whole Spectrum for such hard work throughout the whole year! You have been such a great help for our company for the past few years and we have always appreciated working with you. The quality is always good and the amendments are done as soon as we need them. As we know how busy you are - we especially appreciate you fitting last-minute work as this has clearly SAVED us multiple times!
Daniel Kay
eCommerce Manager
Please thank your team very much for their help this year with my editing. They are a very vital part of my business and their hard work is always appreciated.
Andrew Clifford
Studio Owner, London
I have been happy with your service from the very first job. I am a one person photo studio and I do not hesitate to accept a large job when there is retouching involved because I can depend on you. I send you some very difficult clipping paths and you do a great job every time. When I have asked for a mask with soft edges, they are done just as well. Meeting deadlines is also very important - you do not disappoint. Thank you so much for being part of my team!
Charlotte Brown
Everyone at Studios in London wishes you a very happy Diwali and thank you for your dedication to fantastic retouching and great customer service - especially from Nishanth, who has taken great care of us
Emma Fraser
Product Manager

Providing high quality edits, always on time, always creative!

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